Sunday, February 22, 2009

Short Stories in Speech : )

I had more testing in speech therapy this week. In one of the tests there were three pictures. You had to create a story using them.
Picture 1 had people, animal & spaceships. It look hot and very dry.
Picture 2 was in space with the spaceships flying away from Earth.
Picture 3 the people, animals & spaceships were on another planet. There were trees and people looked like they were farming.

So I wrote something to this effect~

The Earth was very hot and dry. It hadn't rained in a year. NASA had finally made a spaceship the could safely transport people to Mars. So we gathered the animals, plants and seeds that we would need when we got there. We loaded the animals in their spaceship. We got in ours and took off. Just when we were out of the atmosphere the Earth exploded.
We travelled ten hours to Mars. As we were about to land we noticed lush, green fields and water below. We got the animals safely out and started planting our crops. We all noticed that we could breathe better than we had been able to in a long time. We knew life would be happy on Mars!

I don't know what it will tell them about me, but it was fun! : )

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Fiauna said...

I think we'll be happy on Mars, too. I like your story. I think it says that you are an optimistic person. ; )