Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Duct Tape fixes everything....Right?

Last week my in-laws came to visit us. They had just returned home from a mission to Russia and were visiting all of their children. Well I was backing out of my garage and I wasn't quite far enough over and I hit their car! What was a little scrape on my car, just about took the bumper off of theirs. I felt so bad! Luckily we were one of their last stops before they went home. So with some rope and duct tape they managed to get the bumper back in place. Their car is silver so it actually was a nice match. : )

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who needs a mountain?

We had a beautiful, sunny day today. So I dusted off my skis and decided to make the most of our snow. First Aubeny and I walked around the yard to make a path. Then we took turns skiing around in the path. It was so much fun! It will probably melt in a few days but until then I'm going to enjoy it! : )

Monday, March 9, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Oh the weather outside is frightful. Okay, it wasn't frightful but didn't seem like March either. Just yesterday this was all grass, now we are standing in our front lawn in 18 inches of snow. I have to admit that I like it when we get tons of snow. I just hope it melts fast. : )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love my sister! I have to say thank you to her. She helps me so much. Here we are at Angie's a local restaurant. They have a dessert called "The Kitchen Sink." It comes in a little kitchen sink. It's a huge amount of icecream with 4 bananas and the toppings of your choice. We took Aubeny, Brighton, Paige, Aiden and Keelie with us and we cleaned the kitchen sink! It was fun! : )

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Brush With Fame

As I struggled to find the doctor's office the other day, I ended up waiting for the elevator with a lovely young family. I noticed they were pushing a stroller with a tiny baby inside. I casually asked if I could see the baby. The young couple said, sure. I peeked at the little girl. She was cute. Then I glanced back that the baby's father to tell him his daughter was adorable, but what slipped from my mouth was the exclamation, "You're Kurt Bestor." To which the talented composer replied, "Yes, I am." Then we shared the awkward moment of boarding the elevator together. So much for my brush with fame.

P.S. At this very moment, Michael is having a PET/CT scan. I will keep you posted on the results.