Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Typos, typos everywhere!

My sister said to leave my typos in so here goes> See a typo already! : ) Dr. Edgley is very nice. I bet he was a good student body president. Can I just tell you speech thearapy is expensive. I spend todat trying ti find about speech therapy. The closest speech theapist my insurance will cover is in Brigham City. I tried Logan Regoional but there is no way I could get financial assistance. So I contacted the speeech clinic at USU to see what they cam do, but they are on break until January. So I guess I'll Just wait until then. I hope my tryping gets better soon! : )


Fiauna said...

Yes Mindy, we know how much speech therapy costs. For Keelie it was around $125 a visit. That adds up pretty quickly when you need a minimum of one or two visits A WEEK! My neighbor graduated with her masters in SLP from USU. I'm sure their program will be able to help you.
I love to see the typos. The problem is, what's my excuse for having so many of them?

R. K. Allen said...

It's so nice to get regular updates - if leaving the typos in leads to more messages, that's what we want!

I can sympathize a little about the typos - my left ulnar nerve is damaged, so my typing is riddled with errors due to weakness in the hand. I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel.

I love you. I'll talk to you in a couple of days... until then, remember how truly special you are.

Anonymous said...

My son had speech therapy for five years! Thank God for therapists. They were such a blessing for him. I never thought about leaving my typos. I don't think I can do that. Grammar errors I don't notice, but typos drive me nuts! :)