Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008

I would like to thank our friend and neighbor, Kellee Clark, for the idea of making this blog to more easily provide information about Mindy's condition. I would also like to thank Mindy's sister, Fiauna Lund, for creating it.

On Saturday, Nov. 15, at approximately 10:30 a.m., Aubeny came to my room where I was in bed and told me that Mindy had fallen. I went to the front room where she was on the floor. She was unable to efficiently respond and had lost much of her ability move. She was taken in an ambulance to Logan Regional where it was decided to Life Flight her to The University of Utah. Because Aubeny was quick to inform me that there was a problem, and with a blessing from Heaven, the physicians were able to effectively treat Mindy (The doctors explained that after six hours of a stroke occurring, the ability to take corrective measures diminishes).

Mindy is currently in ICCU where she receives much monitoring and care. The doctors explained that her recovery would be a roller coaster of events -- meaning that for a while there would be times when things would look good and times when they would appear worse. There have been times where her motion and cognisance have been better and worse, but there has thus far been an overall trend of improvement. The doctors also explained that once brain swelling goes down, we will be able to have a better idea of the extent of the damage. I'm not sure how much swelling there is currently, but there may be a significant amount of decrease within the next few days.

The regaining of function has been obvious to this point. She does pretty well with movement in her right leg, but is struggling more with her right arm. She has been able to say a few words, but her ability to speak is very limited as yet. She has been more successful in writing, but this too is limited. At times it appears that some of her responses, such at nodding her head, are simply a result of responding to a stimulus without comprehending what was said to her. Other times, perhaps more often, it is clear that she understands and responds accordingly. In my opinion, the fact that she has regained the amount that she has in such a short period of time is cause for much hope and optimism that she will regain these functions. Staff from physical therapy took Mindy for a walk today. Though there was a slight limp with the right leg, she did very well.

Mindy has other problems she is dealing with along with the results of the stroke. On Nov. 3 she had a hysterectomy from which she was recovering at the time of the stroke. She also has chronic pain which can be very severe at times. The medical staff is trying to balance between a couple issues: Providing enough pain medication for the pain, but not so much that her nervous system is reduced. It appears that too much medication has caused loss of motion, but a lack of medication results in her suffering from pain. No easy task, but she is in good hands.

Aubeny has been handling the situation of her mother very well. She has shown much strength. She is a trooper.

Priesthood blessings she has had, and the progress she has shown, have caused me to believe that the outcome will be very good. Heavenly Father is watching over her. Thank you for your prayers, help, and concern.

Kind Regards,
Michael Heaton


Kellee said...

Thanks for the update. Sorry Joe didn't get your grass cut before your dad came over. Victor Mora was going to do it too...your dad beat us all to it!

Keep hanging in there Mindy!

Black and White= CoW said...

I hope everything gets the best for your family. We love and appreciate Mindy! Love you guys, alyssa

Trace Face said...

You are all in our prayer. Let us know what we can do to help you! Tracy W and family