Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Nov. 21, 2008 Part 2

Mindy has been moved to inpatient rehabilitation. I'm glad because it not only signifies progress, but they are more concerned about controlling her chronic pain. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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Phil and Pam Utykanski said...

Hi Mike and Mindy.

Guess where Phil and I were Friday afternoon right around 1pm? We were at the U of U hospital trying to see you guys. The guy at the info desk said Mindy had been discharged 45 min earlier but didn't have anymore info. So I called Shawna and she was able to tell us that Mindy was in a rehab but not the name of it or where it was at. So we continued down to Murray for Phil's dr's appt there. I'm sorry we missed you!! We'll be heading that way again this Wednesday and be in the area until Saturday. Call us if there is something we can bring down ok?

Phil and Pam