Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi everyone!

This is my introduction for my Ragnar team. My name is Mindy Heaton. This is my cute little family. My husband Michael & I have been married for 16 years. We have one daughter named Aubeny who is 13. I coudn't figure out how to rotate the picture so we are sideways. : )

This is a picture of a 10k race I ran in May 2009. In November of 2008 I suffered a dibilitating stroke, which left me paralized and unable to speak. I made an amazing recovery. So at my 6 month "strokiversary" I celebrated by running this race.

I am going back to school at Utah State University majoring in human movement science. Someday I hope to work in the area of stroke rehab helping other stroke victims. I work at Nibley Elementary as a Literacy Aide teaching children how to read. It is a great job!

That is a little information about me. I'm excited to run Ragner!

It will be an adventure! : )

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James and Trisha Taylor said...

I love adventures:) We need to get together some time!!!